-How to shop from Pavadoo.com?
Shopping from Pavadoo is easy. There are 2 steps. Use the search field to find the product you are looking for. Once you get your product, click “Add to cart”. Number of items on your cart will be displayed on the top right of the screen.
When you are done shopping, click on the cart to see your items. If you are all good to go, you need to click on “Proceed to Checkout”. Once you click there, you will be transferred to the billing page.

-Do I need to register to purchase items?
We kept it very simple for our customers. No login or account creation is needed.

-I cannot place order, what do I do?
Please call us directly or send an email and we will get back to you immediately.

-How can I be sure of the security?
We understand you may have concerns about entering personal or credit card information over the internet. To ensure that information entered on the internet cannot be abused, we have implemented a security protocol called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL encrypts all information entered on our site before it is sent over the internet. SSL prevents eavesdropping and ensures data integrity during communications. For further information please view our Privacy Statement.
Encryption is the process of taking the characters you enter at your computer keyboard and scrambling them into bits of code before transmission. The bits are securely transmitted over the internet to be deciphered when received by Costco. To anyone else, the information would be unreadable.




No products in the cart.

No products in the cart.